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Your site’s security is highly recommended to protect from hacking. So it is quite important to check if your web hosting company is providing you the security. Do they have the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? “Small businesses are currently the target of 43% of internet attacks, and just 14% of those businesses are equipped to defend themselves.”

Is There No Built-In Security in WordPress?

Indeed, security remains a top priority in the development of a site and shared web hosting service. It’s not impervious to all attacks, though. Security issues include out-of-date plugins and themes, obsolete PHP versions, and user-provided weak passwords. WordPress is not to blame for that; you and your client are. (For this reason, we strongly support agency maintenance plans.)

Consider it as an opulent flat. You have a gated courtyard, the exterior gates are closed at night, and your front door is secured with a lock and deadbolt, of course. That being stated, you must still lock the doors at night.

How Can I Verify the Security of My WordPress Website?

Using a third-party security scan such as WordFence, Defender, or Bulletproof Security, you can assess the security of your WordPress website. Besides this one can get the best web hosting provider who can provide highly secure shared hosting plans. So that you can sit back without worrying about hacking or any malware function. However, make sure you have backups on hand. Make sure your managed WordPress host permits third-party scanning in addition to their in-house tech stack if you are using one.

Searching for the top WordPress hosting provider for your company? To make running your business easier for you, impress clients with the highest level of performance and security.

Without plugins, how can I secure my WordPress website?

It just takes a few best practices to safeguard your WordPress website without the need for extra plugins. 

  • Always use a strong password. which also applies to other site users, writers, and administrators. Change passwords on an ongoing and frequent basis.
  • The use of duped or nulled WordPress plugins should be kept to a minimum. It is preferable to have a strict policy rather than save a few bucks.
  • Use a reputable WordPress host to host your website: These hosts offer many security features, such as free SSL certificates, a WAF firewall, proactive defence, real-time malware scanning, automated upgrades, and WordPress activity recording. Get the Shared web hosting plans with us.
  • Backup, backup, backup: Have we said to backup your website? You can be in serious trouble if you don’t keep regular backups. own backups dating back several months or years. Ideally, keep an original site backup. Last month’s backup won’t assist if you neglected your site and it now contains 3,000 malicious blog entries from 2021.

Yes, it is that easy. It just doesn’t scale to self-host or manage your own Digital Ocean box when you are managing over 25 WordPress sites. Unless, of course, you’re ready to take calls from clients who believe you are to blame for their website going down, get up at three in the morning, and return early from vacation. You are, in a sense, in the clear.

Not to boast, but in just three years,’s enterprise-level security has prevented 161.84 million attacks, 14.9 million login attempts, 14.35 million bot challenges, and 6.85 million spammers. On our platform, your portfolio is secure. You can now return to your slumber. 

It’s Essential To Use Safe Agency WordPress Hosting!

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